Tour Option 1 FULL

Silver Springs Foods - Horseradish

Sunbow Farm. Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Down to Earth Garden Center

Tour 3 will include a visit to the world's largest producer of horseradish, a visit to a local CSA and wrap up by going to a nursery and landscape center. You have a chance to learn about some horticulture ventures unique to

Eau Claire. Lunch included

Tour Option 2  $45

River Bend Vineyard & Winery       

Fruit Orchard - Mary Dirty Face Farm

Tour 2 will take you to a vineyard and winery as well as a fruit orchard. You'll learn how wine is made and what it takes to grow fruit. What could be better? - Yes tasting that goes along with this tour. Includes lunch also.

Full refund  for tours if not enough people sign up.

Tour Option 3   $15

Includes Lunch and a 3 mile round trip walking Tour of BOTH Phoenix Park & Mayo Clinic Gardens in downtown  Eau Claire. Easy walking on paved sidewalks and trails.


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Autumn at the River